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The ultimate objective and purpose of the Salvation Army in education goes beyond the production of academic results. The Army is, in fact concerned with the teaching of subjects that will provide skills for mind, heart and hand. The aim is to build the whole person, to effectively teach the importance of Christian doctrine and to promote spiritual values and sound character. In all the schools for which the Salvation Army has been the responsible Authority, academic concerns have remained subservient to the preparation of young people for a life based on Christian standards. The theme has always been,”Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”(Matthew 6:33).This has been the constant priority of Salvation Army schools.

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The foundations of these high standards were laid in the early days of Army involvement in education. In 1927, Captain Kimball, from the United States of America was appointed as Principal for the fast growing boarding school at Howard, succeeding Major Leonard Kirby. There were 48 students at the time, eight of whom were receiving training as primary school teachers. Until 1930, teacher training was not very well organised at Howard, although it was urgently needed at the time. In 1927 the department of African (Native) Education was established, and all mission schools were required to raise their levels of education from Standard Four to Standard Six. Following this, in 1930, the first effective educational and training work started at Howard Institute.

The first two years after the move from Mazowe, 1923 – 1925, was a time for planting deep and solid foundations for Howard Institute. By 1925, new buildings had been erected accommodating students and cadets. Bradley Institute started operating in 1926 following evangelistic work of Major Jarnes and Captain Bennet in the Madziva and Mutumba areas. The school was named after Colonel Frank Bradley and admitted only boys in the early days of its establishment, but later girls were also admitted as boarders.

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