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“The most treasured part of life at Bradley High School, Bindura is the people. The camaraderie of the students and the dedicated staff form a community that strives for excellence because we all have a common purpose: To support and serve one another. There is a clear sense of belonging here at Bradley High School, Bindura. We are a community full of passion and spirit, where students learn to become independent and mature with confidence into accomplished young adults.”

Prefect - 2013


To provide an excellent, balanced and globally relevant education in a caring, boarding environment which allows students to develop to their full potential and to be guided by Christian principles, enabling them to leave the school confident and well-prepared for the future.


Students joining Bradley High School, Bindura enter into a rich and colourful tradition, a heritage that began in 1926 and which, to this day, is very much a part of the Bradley High School, Bindura's culture.

In 1960 the foundation stone of the school was laid on its new site outside the School Office Reception. A chapel, new boarding houses, laboratories, classrooms, a media centre, sporting facilities and sports fields have been added to the original buildings. Wherever the necessary extensions and alterations have been made, the glorious old buildings have not been compromised.

Many traditions and values remain setting Bradley High School, Bindura apart and giving the students a strong sense of stability.